Meet the Band

The Brothers Union is a pair of brothers, from Central NJ, who have known each other as young as 8 years old. Sean O’Reilly (bass/guitar/vocals) and Alec Wagstaff (drums) befriended each other by going to the same schools and playing sports together while growing up. Mike O’Reilly (guitar/bass/vocals) and Jon Wagstaff (guitar) being the older siblings, had been introduced through their younger brothers being on the same teams and being dragged to their games.

As years went by, all 4 members of the band had learned their craft and took a passion to music. When I (Mike) decided that I wanted to record some songs for fun with an old friend in his basement, I was immediately in search of musicians to fill the spaces for a rock band. I turned to my younger brother Sean who I had played music with at home since the age of 14. We always had a chemistry. While Sean was finishing up his senior year at college I had these demo songs that had everything recorded (vocals, guitars, bass) besides the drums. I reached out to Sean and asked him if he knew anyone from back in the day who was a drummer. The first person he mentioned was Alec. Sean said, “he’s a beast.”

As one thing lead to the next, Alec had recorded the drums for all of the demo songs with an ease about his business. Learning someone else’s songs on the spot and going behind the kit to record them is almost unheard of! There was and still is a chemistry.

After the demos were recorded and Sean finished up with school, we wanted to play some shows and in order to do that we needed another guitar player to fill the last corner. Originally, Alec asked his brother Jon if he wanted to make a commitment to playing in this band and that’s how the name, “The Brothers Union” came about. However, Jon had his hands full at the time and we had a friend, John Strain play in the band for about a year. When the time was right Jon would join the band and we wrote our first EP together, “Little Blue Room.”

Our second Ep, “Paper Hearts” is now available everywhere you listen to music! Go check it out and more music is on the horizon.

— Mike O'Reilly (guitar, bass, vocals)
Photo captured by @1ense at Molly College 4/18/2018

Photo captured by @1ense at Molly College 4/18/2018



Mike O’Reilly
Vocals / Guitar / Bass

Sean O’Reilly
Vocals / Bass / Guitar

Alec Wagstaff

Jon Wagstaff